Over the years, employers have understood that there are several employee engagements and retention issues in the organization. Various employers have created engagement policies for all the employees in the organization, and have failed to discriminate the engagement policies between the different generations of employees. At the moment, the workforce is being filled up by […]

Is there a notion that falls more under the meaning than that of the market? First, because the market is part of our daily life: if nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is bought, and everything is sold because it is transformed … except in exceptional cases. Without a penny, no cash, no checks or plastic […]

There is no one common description of a leader. But there are qualities which such people have, and one can develop them in their character. Leader’s Deeds In the world of animals, there exists a certain hierarchy: for instance, alpha-males dominate other representatives of their group. We, humans, don’t differ from theme a lot. When […]